CajunBot visits Con du lac

This weekend was the first annual Con du lac Sci-Fi convention in Lake Charles, La.

Con du lac (translated - Convention at the water), is Southwest Louisiana's first Scifi convention. While our main focus is Scifi we will have something for everyone like a Renaissance fair, science programming, and many many extras.

Our tracks of programming will include: Scifi Track (Star Trek, Star Wars, BSG, XENA, and more), Authors and Fantasy Track (Different genre authors and fantasy pieces such as Lord of the Rings); and a Science Fact Track.

Team CajunBot was there to inform and energize, as well as have a little fun with everyone else. Check out some of the pictures from the event below, or visit the Con du lac website for more information.

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img 0701A
CajunBot arrives in Lake Charles, La. Ahead, a small sign reading "Sci-Fi" can be seen.
img 0701B
Our booth.
img 0702
501st Legion
img 0703
img 0707
img 0708
img 0712
img 0714
Control your anger!
img 0719
Hi there Admiral!
img 0720
Made his own lightsaber.
img 0721
Pretty scary.
img 0722
Move along.
img 0726a
img 0726b
Give me a growl.
img 0726c
img 0726
img 0733
Richard Hatch arrives.
img 0734
Freeze frakkin cylon!
img 0737
Richard Hatch poses with a Cylon and a Colonial Officer

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