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Team Acyut from BITS Pilani

This past weekend, a robotics team from an Indian university - BITS Pilani's Team Acyut - was in Lafayette to visit with Team CajunBot. The following pictures and video are from the various demos and activities that were put on. Check out our blog of the visit for more details, and for the full resolution photos, please check out the photo gallery.


 Dr. Darby of the UL Engineering deparment speaks about the department's recent robotics projects.


 Suresh Golconda explains the scenario that the CajunBot-II is about to encounter.

CajunBot-II approaches an intersection where another vehicle is already waiting.


Team Acyut of India and Team CajunBot have a Q&A session about CajunBot-II's capabilities.


Murali Chakravarthi, a former member of Team CajunBot, explains parts of his autonomous robotic spider.


 Murali Chakravarthi shows off his simulator for the autonomous robotic spider he designed to members of Team Acyut.


Team Acyut's humanoid robot dances to some music.


Team Acyut's humanoid robot balances on one leg.


Team Acyut prepares to leave Lafayette Regional Airport on Sunday.


BITS Pilani logo, where Team Acyut is from. The name "Acyut" is sanskrit for "one who never falls".


The following is a video of some of the demos:



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